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Re: q doesn't always quit *Help*

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: q doesn't always quit *Help*
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 08:35:46 +0200
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>>`quit-window' deletes the frame iff it's a minibuffer-window - which
>>should not hold here - or it's a dedicated window - do you set that?
> As I said, it deletes the frame in my code. And yes, *Help* is probably also
> a dedicated window for me - it is a special-display frame for me, in any
> case.

If you change this manually I can't help you.  Any solution I provide
here must rely on the standard settings.  `view-mode-exit' has the
following code to cope with stand-alone frames:

             ((not (eq frame (next-frame)))
              ;; Not the only frame, so can safely be removed.
              (if view-remove-frame-by-deleting
                  (delete-frame frame)
                (setq notlost t)                ; Keep the window. See below.
                (iconify-frame frame))))))

Hence if your view-mode frame is not the only frame it should get
deleted provided you have set `view-remove-frame-by-deleting' to
non-nil.  `quit-window' should never delete such frames.  Did you
customize `view-remove-frame-by-deleting'?

>>But I agree that the behavior you describe is logical and desirable (as
>>long as you never display anything else in that window).
> I don't the part in parentheses is needed - so what if you do at some time
> display another buffer in that window?

If it's a view-mode buffer it should always rely on the _latest_
information established by `with-help-window'.  This information should
be kept when you follow links or xrefs.  For any other buffer "q"
hopefully has the effect the respective major mode assigns it.

>> Hence, I have to invent something here.  Did you try this with
>>`help-window-select' customized?
> No, I never heard of it. And I don't see it in Emacs 22.1 (or in 21 or 20),
> which is what I use. What is it, and how might it help here?

That's the new option I wrote for help.el.  With pop-up frames it
shouldn't make much difference I suppose.

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