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GUD improvement

From: Alexander Pohoyda
Subject: GUD improvement
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 22:06:15 +0100 (CET)


Attached please find a patch for current gud.el, which assigns an
overlay for every breakpoint and for current debugging position.

Instead of => symbol, a line is highlighted with some color. That
helps *a lot* for some coding styles and big screens.
Active breakpoints are also highlighted with some other
color. Disabled breakpoints have their own color.

Breakpoints deleted within gdb itself using "delete 1" syntax are not
refreshed automatically, but if they are deleted with GUD's "C-x C-a
d", it works well. Alternatively, you may refresh all breakpoints
with "info breakpoints" command.

This mode is easily turned on/off with a new
`gud-extra-overlay-style' variable, which is customisable under `gud'

I have been using this patch for one year now with older GUD, and have
made a patch agains current only today.

I hope that people will like it.
Comments and suggestions are welcome.
Thanks for your time and consideration.

Alexander Pohoyda

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