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Re: GUD improvement

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: GUD improvement
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 18:15:45 +0000

Alexander Pohoyda writes:

> Attached please find a patch for current gud.el, which assigns an
> overlay for every breakpoint and for current debugging position.

> Instead of => symbol, a line is highlighted with some color. That
> helps *a lot* for some coding styles and big screens.
> Active breakpoints are also highlighted with some other
> color. Disabled breakpoints have their own color.

> Breakpoints deleted within gdb itself using "delete 1" syntax are not
> refreshed automatically, but if they are deleted with GUD's "C-x C-a
> d", it works well. Alternatively, you may refresh all breakpoints
> with "info breakpoints" command.

Using Emacs built from the CVS repository, if you type `M-x gdba' you will get
a mode for GDB that has some of these features and more. Breakpoints are
displayed as red bullets in the display margin om a graphics terminal. They
are updated automatically even when set or deleted from the GUD buffer. This
mode (in gdb-ui.el) has other features: stack buffer, stream separation,
locals buffer, display windows etc. Please note, though, that it won't work
properly with a released version of Emacs so you can't just download the lisp


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