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Re: Crashes at C-x 1

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Crashes at C-x 1
Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2001 10:45:18 +0200

> From: address@hidden
> Organization: Utterly lacking
> Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 19:58:43 +0000
> Please excuse the direct reply - I've tried three answers to the group
> and they don't show up, at least not here.

Send email to address@hidden, the email gateway into the news
group, and you will have a better chance.

> > Let me turn the table and ask you why did you say it crashed?  Did you 
> > see anything abnormal when that happened, or did you assume it crashed 
> > because it exited when you didn't expect it to?
> Crashes as in "instantly disappears from my screen"!  No warnings, no
> traces left in syslog or core dumps (they aren't hosed on my system)
> nothing.  If I start it up via the menu Debian generates for Blackbox,
> then try to close an extra frame with C-x 1, it just vanishes.

Please run Emacs under a debugger, put a breakpoint in the library
functions `exit' and `_exit', and type "C-x 1".  If this hits one of
the breakpoints, please type "bt" and post here what did it print.
If the breakpoints are not hit, please tell what did the debugger say
when Emacs ``vansihed''.

> If you think this isn't a bug but a system problem I'll go away!

I don't know what causes this, but please don't ``go away''.  I think
we should investigate this.

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