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Re: Cant run gnuchess5.07 on Xboard

From: Antonio Ceballos Roa
Subject: Re: Cant run gnuchess5.07 on Xboard
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2011 19:45:09 +0100

We recommend to use the last version of GNU Chess: 6.0.1. Anyway, v5,07 should 
work fine with XBoard.

Could you please indicate the exact command that you are using to start XBoard 
with GNU Chess as chess engine? Could you also indicate the exact version of 

Thanks for reporting.

Antonio Ceballos

El 23/11/2011, a las 01:44, Ari Lima <address@hidden> escribió:

> Hello folks...
>    I have the latest gnuchess and the latest Xboard installed on my Linux 
> Mint. I can run gnuchess directly from terminal and have a game through the 
> ASCII interface... its running completely ok. But when I give the option to 
> play using xboard invoking it with "gnuchess -x" or "gnuchess --xboard" it 
> just appears: "Chess Adjusting HashSize to 1024 slots" and a blinking 
> prompt... my Xboard is also perfectly setted, I can use it to play with 
> FairyMax or connecting to FICS and have a game, I looked all over GNU help 
> and FAQS and nothing. I would appreciate some help here if possible....
>    tnx in advance.
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