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Cant run gnuchess5.07 on Xboard

From: Ari Lima
Subject: Cant run gnuchess5.07 on Xboard
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 22:44:23 -0200
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Hello folks...

I have the latest gnuchess and the latest Xboard installed on my Linux Mint. I can run gnuchess directly from terminal and have a game through the ASCII interface... its running completely ok. But when I give the option to play using xboard invoking it with "gnuchess -x" or "gnuchess --xboard" it just appears: "Chess Adjusting HashSize to 1024 slots" and a blinking prompt... my Xboard is also perfectly setted, I can use it to play with FairyMax or connecting to FICS and have a game, I looked all over GNU help and FAQS and nothing. I would appreciate some help here if possible....

    tnx in advance.

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