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Re: [Bug-gne]various random thoughts

From: Rob Scott
Subject: Re: [Bug-gne]various random thoughts
Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 13:55:15 +0100

lol i know the feeling, but at least with perl its not the sort of lang. that when youve finished you cant remember what everything does.

At 10:25 28/06/2001 +0100, you wrote:
Argh! Confusion! I'll still make sure the whole thing "uses strict" tho.
Once I've finished reading through my big fat perl book I'll look to clean
all the scripts up - I know they're a terrible mess at the moment!

28/06/01 15:20:10, "Hook" <address@hidden> wrote:

>Watch mod_perl.  I've screwed more machines trying to get it to do
>persistant db connections (which *isn't* what it's designed for anyway) !
>If you don't awnt to pay the price of a perl comp every time a script runs
>(and it's a small price, believe me), then run the thing from inittab and
>make it sleep between work sessions. Simple and clean. Unless you've got a
>lot of proggie gurus on tap, you'll need the fast development cycle of Perl
>to stay ahead of the requirements list. Things can always be redeveloped
>into a faster language once they're stable.
>> Hello,
>> > So going on Paul's idea of master & slave DB servers,
>> Simple CGI-Perl is too costly a process, with all the startup time
>> I guess we need to use mod_perl, with persistent database connections.
>> > every 12 hours the master replicates the db, the image
>> > server tarballs the images, and they are then
>> > transferred over a secure connection to any mirrors.
>> Transferring images by encrypting them would probably take too many
>> resources. We could transfer the images insecurely (since there's no harm
>> anyone actually takes a look at them), but also transmit an encrypted
>> CHECKSUM to validate the images.
>Don't encrypt anything. Why would you? It isn't supposed to be free from
>prying eyes, it's just important to ensure that what gets received is what
>gets sent.  Simple MD5 sum of the file/tarball is quite sufficient.
>The Hooker
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