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From: Rob Scott
Subject: [Bug-gne]...
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 12:17:09 +0100

>Any chance of my getting one crappy machine tho? If I
>could set one up as a web server in my room then I
>could work on the image stuff (ftp/upload to a
>directory, see that directory when u log in, select
>images, embed them in the article, hey presto!)
>properly :/

mmhmm, i spose just nick one from school, and see if they notice
(notice to other bug-gne users: i am not advocating theft or crime,
err... well its technically more like embeselment)

no dont worry : joking.
the machines are old and would be thrown out anyway.
the only reason they arent giving them to us is something
to do with health and safety....

>I was thinking about this api last night (grr it took
>my 4 hours to get to sleep!) and the thing is we'd
>need to work out all the standard operations we use in
>GNE, and what their associated input and returns
>should be. Bob, come roon here you lazy git and we can
>draw up a preliminary list... much easier than through

i suppose it would be more like a protocol than anything.
it would become quite useful, ie we could even begin using it
in gne cd's if we made them.   make a specialised server
which runs locally on the computer from the cd and rather than
fetching its query responses from a mysql server or webserver,
it would fetch them from the local (pdf?) files on the cd.
write a simple client, implementing the full api.

write a simple script for the plum user which will run the server, and run the client,
connecting to etc...

for the advanced user, ie a school network admin (for a school that had no internet access in an area) could put the cd in a computer and run the server, clients could connect to the computer across the lan and access the cd's contents.

...or a user that would prefer to get up to date gne stuff would perhaps run the client and connect to gne.org rather than

just another crazy application of my crazy idea.

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