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gmp & ircd

From: Skull, Temple of.
Subject: gmp & ircd
Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 09:37:52 +1000

This is a bit of a circle but here goes.

I use Linux Redhat 6.2 to connnect that box and my Windows box to the internet.  I had downloaded the sockscleaner to get IRC working through the network but it needs IRCD.  On compiling IRCD I was told my gmp was too old. 

Have upgraded to gmp 3.1.1 but kept getting a message that I had two versions and which one.  Putting the new versions of the libraries into a gmp directory in the IRCD source sub-tree didn't work.  Far as I know your source put them in /usr/local directories and old gmp files were in /usr/lib and /usr/include.  So I removed the old files.  Still I get this message on ./configuring the ircd source:

Checking /home/samba/temple/LinuxBox/src/bahamut-1.4.28-release/gmp/gmp.h directory for gmp version
checking for gmp.h version... ok
checking how to link to the gmp library... dynamic
checking for gmp library matching with header... problem!
Link failure! Look for stale libgmp.so in your dynamic link path!
Your gmp library either has no version symbols, is not the correct 'gmp',
or the major versions of your gmp library and gmp header differ.
You cannot have two versions of the gmp library in your dynamic (.so)
library search path, this may be your problem.
You should upgrade gmp from the URL below.
If you do not want to upgrade gmp system wide:
You may make a directory "gmp" in the current directory
and place libgmp.a and gmp.h in that directory, and I will
autodetect it next time you run configure.
You can download gmp at http://www.swox.com/gmp, or any of the
GNU distribution sites (http://www.gnu.org for more information)
configure: error: bad library/header match

Is this a common problem?

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