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Re: gmp & ircd

From: Kevin Ryde
Subject: Re: gmp & ircd
Date: 14 Jul 2001 07:45:55 +1000
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"Skull, Temple of." <address@hidden> writes:
> Far as I know your source put them
> in /usr/local directories and old gmp files were in /usr/lib and
> /usr/include.  So I removed the old files.

I can never remember whether /usr/lib or /usr/local comes first in the
compiler and linker search paths, it's probably best to just just one
of the two.

> Still I get this message on
> ./configuring the ircd source:
> Checking /home/samba/temple/LinuxBox/src/bahamut-1.4.28-release/gmp/gmp.h
> directory for gmp version
> checking for gmp.h version... ok
> checking how to link to the gmp library... dynamic
> checking for gmp library matching with header... problem!
> Link failure! Look for stale libgmp.so in your dynamic link path!
> Your gmp library either has no version symbols, is not the correct 'gmp',
> or the major versions of your gmp library and gmp header differ.
> You cannot have two versions of the gmp library in your dynamic (.so)
> library search path, this may be your problem.
> You should upgrade gmp from the URL below.
> If you do not want to upgrade gmp system wide:
> You may make a directory "gmp" in the current directory
> and place libgmp.a and gmp.h in that directory, and I will
> autodetect it next time you run configure.
> You can download gmp at [[http]]://www.swox.com/[[gmp]], or any of the
> GNU distribution sites ([[http]]://www.gnu.org[[for more information]])
> configure: error: bad library/header match

> Is this a common problem?

Probably not, or shouldn't be.  Presumably that message is true, that
you've still got a gmp 2 libgmp.so left somewhere.  The usual trick,
for what it's worth, is to leave /usr/lib/libgmp.so.2 (or whatever)
for existing binaries and let gmp 3 install libgmp.so as a symlink to
the new libgmp.so.3.

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