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xgettext invocation and docs

From: Andrea G. Monaco
Subject: xgettext invocation and docs
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2020 14:06:07 +0100


some days ago I had issues with xgettext.  I kept calling it for my C
project, but it would just say nothing and generate no file.  After some
search, I figured out the reason: I didn't pass the -k_ option, so the
program could not find any invocation of gettext() through the _ macro.

So I have three proposals:

- xgettext should say something when it can't find anything and it
  doesn't generate any file, because it's a puzzling behavior to

- the _ alias for gettext() should be default for the C language, being
  also recommended in gettext documentation

- the xgettext docs describe all options, but should provide common usage
  examples, which of course include the -k_ option.

Let me know, I can work on all three. Warmly,
Andrea Monaco

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