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Re: [WIP-PATCH v1] Re: SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH library code

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: [WIP-PATCH v1] Re: SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH library code
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2020 17:53:11 +0100
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Hi Miguel,

> Attached comes a WIP/v1 patch against gnulib master.  I've tested it
> together with the v3 patch for gettext from the original thread.

Looks quite reasonable. You have already learned a large part of the
idioms and how-tos that are relevant for gnulib contributions. At this
point, the discussion around it should move to bug-gnulib, IMO. Can
you present your proposal there?

You will need to file a copyright assignment with the FSF for gnulib,
like you have one already for gettext.

Then, there will be questions on details. Such as: It is useful to
'#define time some_other_function', but it is also dangerous. Or:
Do we need to test whether time_t is a floating-point type? Can the
gl_UNIX_EPOCH_COMPATIBILITY_WITH_TIME_T test ever fail? Please be
prepared to such discussions.


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