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Re: Segmentation fault in dcigettext.c:925 using Apache + PHP

From: Wiebe Cazemier
Subject: Re: Segmentation fault in dcigettext.c:925 using Apache + PHP
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2020 17:41:10 +0200 (CEST)

----- Original Message -----
> From: "Wiebe Cazemier" <wiebe@halfgaar.net>
> To: "Bruno Haible" <bruno@clisp.org>
> Cc: bug-gettext@gnu.org
> Sent: Sunday, 7 June, 2020 11:55:41
> Subject: Re: Segmentation fault in dcigettext.c:925 using Apache + PHP
>> The file you sent is a valid .mo file; in fact, it was (or could have been)
>> generated by GNU msgfmt.
>> The relevant code in glibc-2.27/intl/dcigettext.c is most likely correct;
>> no algorithmic bug is known in this code for more than 8 years.
>> The remaining likely possibility is that the application you are running has
>> memory bugs (writes into arbitrary locations). I would recommend that you
>> run this application under valgrind.
>> Bruno

I'd like to revisit this. The dcigettext.c from glibc-2.27, Ubuntu 18.04, 
around line 925 (marked) is:

/* Compare msgid with the original string at index nstr.
    We compare the lengths with >=, not ==, because plural entries
    are represented by strings with an embedded NUL.  */
if (nstr < nstrings
    ? W (domain->must_swap, domain->orig_tab[nstr].length) >= len
    && (strcmp (msgid,
                domain->data + W (domain->must_swap,
        == 0)
    : domain->orig_sysdep_tab[nstr - nstrings].length > len
    && (strcmp (msgid, // <- Line 925
                domain->orig_sysdep_tab[nstr - nstrings].pointer)
        == 0))
    act = nstr;
    goto found;

gdb can't access nstr, probably because it's only stored in a register. However:

 (gdb) print domain->orig_sysdep_tab
 $5 = (const struct sysdep_string_desc *) 0x0

I would have expected it to crash on the line above it (because it also 
references 'domain->orig_sysdep_tab'), but because gdb says 'len' is optimized 
out, perhaps line 924 isn't executed.

I can't quit figure out how to trip that swapping code. Perhaps then I could 
reproduce it. But, it seems to me it shouldn't call this with 
'domain->orig_sysdep_tab' being 0/NULL?



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