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Re: Segmentation fault in dcigettext.c:925 using Apache + PHP

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: Segmentation fault in dcigettext.c:925 using Apache + PHP
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2020 13:05:40 +0200
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Wiebe Cazemier wrote:
> I was (quietly) also wondering if msgfmt would do better creating a new file 
> instead of truncating the existing one. But, looking at search results, we 
> are the only ones who have this problem, so probably creating .mo files 
> frequently, based on user interaction, is a uncommon use case.

You mean, you create the file $LOCALEDIR/$locale/LC_MESSAGES/$domain.mo
directly by invoking 'msgfmt', not involving an intermediate file?
That is indeed uncommon, because in theory it's possible that msgfmt fails
(due to an unsupported combination of the input and options), and then you
would overwrite the previous .mo file and not have a backup.

The typical way is that .mo files are created while building a package
and copied to $LOCALEDIR/$locale/LC_MESSAGES/$domain.mo by installing the
built package.


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