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Re: [bug-gettext] autopoint from gettext is buggy in some use c

From: Max Lin
Subject: Re: [bug-gettext] autopoint from gettext is buggy in some use cases
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2015 18:44:44 +0800
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On 07/21/2015 05:45 PM, Daiki Ueno wrote:
Max Lin <address@hidden> writes:

yes, eg. cpio build failure:

Thanks.  It seems to be failing because of:

[   35s] + cd cpio-2.11
[   35s] + gettextize -f

where gettextize replaces the AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION invocation in
configure.ac with the latest version.  A work around is to patch
gettextize and change "version=" line to 0.19.5.

I admit this is a bug in gettextize, sorry for inconvenience.  From the
next time, we shouldn't do "git tag" for a minor bug-fix release.

Thanks for clarifying and debugging the issue, I'll add workaround then.

Best regards,

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