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[bug-gettext] autopoint from gettext is buggy in some use cases

From: Max Lin
Subject: [bug-gettext] autopoint from gettext is buggy in some use cases
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2015 16:55:09 +0800
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Hi list,

Since gettext released, we've trying to update version to openSUSE Factory, gettext is build succeeded itself, however we got some problem when others packages using new gettext at build time with 'autoreconf --force'(basically the failure in autopoint).

While debugging it, I've found the issues below,

1) the version number is now, but the supported version check in autopoint doesn't have exists, then we will get the error below,

[   37s] + autoreconf --force --install
[ 38s] autopoint: *** The AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION declaration in your configure.ac [ 38s] file requires the infrastructure from gettext- but this version [ 38s] is older. Please upgrade to gettext- or newer.
[   38s] autopoint: *** Stop.

2) per above, even adds to autopoint as supported version, the archive.dit.tar in the released tarball[1] also need a update, it doesn't have the archive data for, then we get the error below,

[   34s] + autoreconf --force --install
[   35s] tar: gettext- Not found in archive
[   35s] tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors
[ 35s] autopoint: *** infrastructure files for version not found; this is autopoint from GNU gettext-tools
[   35s] autopoint: *** Stop.
[   35s] autoreconf: autopoint failed with exit status: 1

Is it known issues?

[1] ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gettext/gettext-

Best regards,

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