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Re: [bug-gettext] [PATCH] Add a test wrapper to avoid temp file name col

From: Daiki Ueno
Subject: Re: [bug-gettext] [PATCH] Add a test wrapper to avoid temp file name collision.
Date: Wed, 29 May 2013 11:39:21 +0900
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Stefano Lattarini <address@hidden> writes:

> Other more important issues in runtest.in:
>> (cd "tmp-$tst/tests" && "$srcdir/$tst" ${1+"$@"})
> This will prevent the test to be run with the configure-detected shell.
> That might be problematic on systems like Solaris I think, where /bin/sh
> is *not* a POSIX shell.  Maybe something like this would be better (and
> avoid an extra per-test fork+exec):
>   (cd "tmp-$tst/tests" && . "$srcdir/$tst" ${1+"$@"})
>> rm -fr $tmpfiles
> This later 'rm' will cause the exit status of the just-run test to
> be lost, no?  This way, all the tests will unconditionally pass...

Oops, sorry.  After fixing them, 18 of 361 tests still fail because of
the directory change.

On the other hand, by hooking strace to each test, it turned out that
the file name collisions are only 34 (listed below).

So maybe good to fix the tests directly.

xg-st-1.ok -> xgettext-smalltalk-1, xgettext-stringtable-1
xg-st-1.po -> xgettext-smalltalk-1, xgettext-stringtable-1
xg-py-3.ok -> xgettext-python-3, xgettext-python-4
empty.glade -> xgettext-glade-1, xgettext-glade-2, xgettext-glade-3, 
xgettext-glade-4, xgettext-glade-5
prog.sort -> msgunfmt-csharp-1, msgunfmt-java-1
mf-15.po1 -> msgfmt-15, msgfmt-17
mf-15.po2 -> msgfmt-15, msgfmt-17
mf-15.po3 -> msgfmt-15, msgfmt-17
mf-15.po4 -> msgfmt-15, msgfmt-17
LC_MESSAGES -> msgfmt-1, msgfmt-2, msgfmt-properties-1
module1.po -> msgfmt-1, msgfmt-2
module2.po -> msgfmt-1, msgfmt-2
modules.po -> msgfmt-1, msgfmt-2
LC_MESSAGES/gen.mo -> msgfmt-1, msgfmt-2, msgfmt-properties-1
gtmf-test1.ok -> msgfmt-1, msgfmt-properties-1
mf-test1.out -> msgfmt-1, msgfmt-properties-1
prog -> lang-c, lang-c++
prog.tmp -> lang-c, lang-c++
prog.pot -> lang-c, lang-c++
fr.po.tmp -> lang-c, lang-c++, plural-1
fr.po.new -> lang-c, lang-c++, plural-1
fr -> lang-c, lang-c++, msgunfmt-csharp-1
fr/LC_MESSAGES -> lang-c, lang-c++, plural-1
fr.po -> lang-c, lang-c++, msgunfmt-csharp-1, msgunfmt-java-1, msgunfmt-tcl-1, 
fr/LC_MESSAGES/prog.mo -> lang-c, lang-c++
prog.ok -> lang-c, lang-c++, msgunfmt-csharp-1, msgunfmt-java-1, msgunfmt-tcl-1
prog.oku -> lang-c, lang-c++
prog.out -> lang-c, lang-c++, msgunfmt-csharp-1, msgunfmt-java-1, msgunfmt-tcl-1
./prog -> lang-c, lang-c++
de -> format-c-3, format-c-4
de/LC_MESSAGES -> format-c-3, format-c-4
de.po.tmp -> format-c-3, format-c-4
de.po -> format-c-3, format-c-4
de.po.un -> format-c-3, format-c-4
Daiki Ueno

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