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[Bug-gama] CMake Integration

From: Vasileios-Athanasios Anagnostopoulos
Subject: [Bug-gama] CMake Integration
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2019 13:54:37 +0000

Hello Everyone,

As a pet project I started to update the CMake implementation of the 
gama project. You can find my progress in https://github.com/anagno/gama .

* What has been done:
     * Start using modern target syntax in CMake
     * Remove from the source code the old libExpat
     * Integrated the libxml2, octave, SQLite3 in CMake
     * Factor out the common xml headers/sources into a new library.
     This was necessary, because there was a cyclical dependency. Now CMake
     can auto generate the ellipsoids.h/cpp and the language.h/cpp files 
     the generation of the project.
     * Integrated the Conan package manager as an optional in CMake

* What still remains:

     * Complete the migration of the gama-local UT (not all UT are being 
executed via CMake)
     * Migrate the statan UT
     * Migrate the generation of the docs in CMake (probably using Doxygen?)
     * Update the documentation
     * I have not examine the qt library of gama and how it can be 
integrated with the changes
     * Test the new build system in Windows.
     * When running the UT with valgrind via CMake (i.e. ctest -j8 -T 
memcheck -- 
there are memory leaks. Investigate them and fix them (?)

Is this of interest ? If yes, are they any limitations in my 
implementation that I have not considered and should be taken into 

Have a beautiful week and kind regards,


P.S.: My system is an Ubuntu 18.04 computer, so I am might have miss 
some compatibility problems with other linux distros.

P.S.2:This is a pet project, so no promises on when it will be fully done :)

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