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Problems building 4.2.29 on non-Linux

From: Bert Deknuydt
Subject: Problems building 4.2.29 on non-Linux
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 11:48:15 -0000


4.2.29 (and 4.2.28, but not 4.2.27) do not build on Tru64, Solaris and
HPUX; configure is ok, compile is ok, but final links each time fail with:

gcc  -g -O2   -o find  find.o fstype.o parser.o pred.o tree.o util.o version.o 
../lib/libfind.a ../gnulib/lib/libgnulib.a 
/freeware/gnu-tools/sol2/lib/libintl.so -L/freeware/gnu-tools/sol2/lib 
/freeware/gnu-tools/sol2/lib/libiconv.so -lc -Wl,-rpath 
parser.o: In function `insert_regex':
/freeware/gnu-tools/findutils/findutils-4.2.29/find/parser.c:1500: undefined 
reference to `re_set_syntax'
/freeware/gnu-tools/findutils/findutils-4.2.29/find/parser.c:1501: undefined 
reference to `re_compile_pattern'
pred.o: In function `pred_regex':
/freeware/gnu-tools/findutils/findutils-4.2.29/find/pred.c:1316: undefined 
reference to `re_match'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

(This output is for Solaris 2.8; gcc is 3.4.6).

It seems that configure somehow supposes regex to be Linux regex ...

Greetings, Bert.

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