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Re: Problems building 4.2.29 on non-Linux

From: James Youngman
Subject: Re: Problems building 4.2.29 on non-Linux
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2007 18:08:59 +0000

On 1/15/07, Bert Deknuydt <address@hidden> wrote:
I find no README-CVS file in 4.2.8, but I tried the beta version 4.3.2 on
alpha.gnu.org.  On Tru64 and HPUX (no Solaris at hand right now), that
builds and checks perfectly.

Great news.

Anything else I can do?

Only if you are super-motivated....

1. you could install dajagnu and run the test suite, but it's not at
all urgent and there is no particular reason to suspect that the
testsuite won't work.

2. I think the other thing that might be problematic is filesystem
name checking.   So a brief test of things like "-printf %D %F\n" on
Tru64 and IRIX would be useful.

3. Does find foo -printf "%b %s\n" work OK on HPUX specifically?   Is
the first field correct?

4. Is a native "locate" avilable on HPUX?


If you do get access to a Solaris box, it'd be useful if you could
test "-type D" since doors are not supported on my development system.

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