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Re: Column labels with --full

From: Tim Rice
Subject: Re: Column labels with --full
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2022 23:26:30 +0000

Hey Shawn,

On Mon, Jun 06, 2022 at 03:47:20PM -0700, Shawn Wagner wrote:
About make syntax-check

I keep forgetting to run it too and have been thinking about adding a
pre-commit hook that does it automatically on my local repo.

(Too bad it's a client side hook that isn't included in git clone.)

Yeah, good idea. Whoever gets to it first, let's put the contents of such a 
hook (I think it will only be a couple of lines) in HACKING.md. Then it will be 
on the radar of anyone who is about to do some datamash hacking, and will give 
us a reference so we're all on the same page.

I also wonder what people think about incorporating some kind of CI/CD which 
could check these things before a merge is permitted. I've had some exposure to 
Gerrit, Jenkins and Zuul, myself, but am open to other ideas. The main 
criterion is that it should be licensed under GPL or a compatible Free Software 
license. Secondary (but still important) criteria are ease-of-use and 
hosting/job-running costs.

Such an infrastructure would allow not only checking syntax, but also making 
sure the expensive tests are done routinely instead of as an afterthought.

~ Tim

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