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[Fwd: RE: Lines of development]

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: [Fwd: RE: Lines of development]
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 14:19:33 -0500
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 Got a funny reply via personal mail, though.  I've included it:

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From: address@hidden
Subject: RE: Lines of development
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 11:00:01 -0800

Please humor me for a moment and pretend you don't know who I am.
What is a "line of development"? I'd like as many opinions on the matter as you've got. :)

It's a line that a developer gives to his manager to get said manager
to leave him alone. Usually it's something like, "I'm 99% done with that task." or "I should have that to you by the end of the day." or "It's just being tested." or "That was delayed due to an external dependency." Then developer goes off, takes a nap, surfs the web and gives same (or another one) "line of development" to manager the next day...

Sorry... couldn't resist.

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