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Re: Lines of development

From: Kevin Wang
Subject: Re: Lines of development
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 11:13:36 -0800
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 From Derek Robert Price
> Derek Robert Price wrote:
> > Please humor me for a moment and pretend you don't know who I am.
> >
> > What is a "line of development"?  I'd like as many opinions on the 
> > matter as you've got.  :)
> Nevermind.  I just used a google search and found, literally, thousands 
> of pages using the term in reference to dozens of version control systems.
> Some fool from a company which will remain unnamed tried to tell us we 
> had to take the "Lines of development?" out of the Ximbiot advertisement 
> or properly cite their product since they had trademarked the term. 
>  Yeah right.  Anyhow, sorry to interrupt.

You can also do a trademark search online http://www.uspto.gov/ though
remember it's just a "layman's search" and not a thorough legally binding

"lines development" turned up nothing.  I'd ignore them or wait until
they provide trademark registration documents.

Not that I'm a lawyer or anything...

   - Kevin

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