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Re: Log message in commit to multiple directories

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: Re: Log message in commit to multiple directories
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 16:45:13 -0400

Andy Valencia wrote:

> Hi, CVS hackers.
> I ran into this with my port of CVS to VSTa (www.vsta.org), but it appears
> to be a generic bug.
> If you do a "cvs commit file1 subdir/file2", you will get prompted for the
> log message on file1.  Then you will be re-prompted for subdir/file2, with
> (correctly) the previous log message as the initial contents of the file.
> If you just quit out of the editor (because you want to keep using the
> existing message), the general edit routine will notice that the file wasn't
> changed, will NULL out the string pointer, which the commit process will
> then use as the commit message for this module (i.e., no log message).

I can't reproduce this with 1.11.1p1 on Linux.  Perhaps you could upgrade, or
maybe it was a problem with your port?


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