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minor bug

From: Markus Mikkolainen
Subject: minor bug
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 11:44:42 +0200

i have my cvs directory on a raid that is mounted as /raid on a linux redhat
6.2 machine with kernel 2.2.17. the cvs directory is /raid/cvs but /cvs is
softlinked to /raid/cvs for convenience and most stuff refers to cvs root as
/cvs , the problem is that 
lock.c line 177 assert fails when it tries to compare
/raid/cvs/something/something with 
/cvs since it apparently doesnt resolve symbolic links first. (well, on the
other hand it does, on the other it doesnt since /raid/cvs is resolved and
/cvs isnt) 

my version of cvs is 1.11 


Mr Markus Mikkolainen

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