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Re: backwards compatibility problem with .cvspass?

From: Karl Fogel
Subject: Re: backwards compatibility problem with .cvspass?
Date: 27 Dec 2000 08:20:07 -0600

"Derek R. Price" <address@hidden> writes:
> It wasn't most.  You're correct.  But there are requests and comments about
> using version precompiled to different port numbers and patches allow
> CVS_CLIENT_PORT to be set and the like.  Demand had increased lately
> to make use of features like SSH tunnelling and occasionally I'd see
> comments about it being used for running more than one server on a
> single machine. 

Yeah, that stuff does seem to be becoming more common (have started
doing a fair amount of SSH tunnelling myself, recently).  I guess it's
evidence of how necessary the choose-your-port feature is.

> Okay.  I see your point.  Sorry.  I think I even have most of the code lying
> around since that was how I designed it in the first place, so the
> change should be in soon.  It takes a little longer to run, but
> there aren't many .cvspass lookups per session, so it shouldn't be a
> big deal.

Cool; thanks for having been ready to reconsider the issue.  (I'm
presuming others will speak up if they disagree with this outcome.)

I'm curious why you say it will take a little longer to run.  I
assumed we'd just treat the absence of an explicit port number as
being like an explicit 2401.  That shouldn't require more than a few
nanoseconds of overhead... Or is there an issue I'm missing here?


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