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Re: make check (8.1) hangs forever

From: Alan Curry
Subject: Re: make check (8.1) hangs forever
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2009 19:39:32 -0500 (GMT+5)

Jim Meyering writes:
> P=C3=A1draig Brady wrote:
> > Alan Curry wrote:
> >> SIGTERM to gdb, but gdb has SIGTERM blocked so nothing happens.
> >
> > thanks for investigating.
> > Perhaps we need to use `timeout -sKILL ...`
> Sounds good to me.

I added that and re-ran make check. It worked but gdb's child process
(tail -f file) is still lingering afterward until I kill it manually.

Why has nobody else noticed this? Are other versions of gdb less
stubborn? Maybe I did something to make it stubborn, but I don't
know what that could be.

In case you're keeping score:

Debian 5.0r3, ppc32

All 366 tests passed
(45 tests were not run)
make[4]: Leaving directory `/tmp/coreutils-8.1/tests'

All 177 tests passed
(14 tests were not run)
make[6]: Leaving directory `/tmp/coreutils-8.1/gnulib-tests'

Alan Curry

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