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chown clears suid bit!

From: Brian K. White
Subject: chown clears suid bit!
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 19:33:57 -0400

I am pre-apologizing as I'm about to sound like yet another ingrateful user. :) sorry!

I just spent litterally all day tracking down a bizzarre inexplicable brokenness trying to get a new box up & running. Scripts that have worked for years on many OS's (sco osr, sco unixware, solaris, linux, freebsd, hpux...) suddenly didn't work on a new SuSE 10 box. (namely, the setperms script that ships with filePro (commrcial database and 4gl) on several unices and hasn't changed significantly since '92, and no changes since '00)

Skipping all the blind alleys I chased down, the end result was that chown now clears the suid bit from files it acts upon.

As the man page doesn't mention this, and it's certainly new behaviour, and certainly deviant from every other unix,
I submit that it should not do this.

Brian K. White  --  address@hidden  --  http://www.aljex.com/bkw/
filePro  BBx    Linux  SCO  FreeBSD    #callahans  Satriani  Filk!

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