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Re: chown clears suid bit!

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: chown clears suid bit!
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 17:54:39 -0600
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Brian K. White wrote:
> Thats a great idea and I think I will incorporate it. Thanks.
> There are some cases where it'll be hard to do though. This script for 
> example does a couple sweeping chown -R / chmod -R at the top of a tree of 
> around 30,000 files.
> Replacing the -R with any kind of loop might make it take too long to run.
> There are some other large sweeping passes that are a little more selective 
> that are based on find |xargs

I am only doing the above 'ls case chmod' when I am working with
individual files.  To operate on an entire tree of files using find
and xargs is definitely the way to go.  I tend to do the following:

  find some/path ! -perm -a=r -print0 | xargs -r0 chmod a+r

That should be very fast and will also avoid changing anything that
does not need to be changed.  Find is definitely the better tool for
finding files across a directory hierarchy.  I probably should use it
for individual files too.

> I'll try it though, maybe it'll be fast as long as I avoid and screen 
> output and make a mychmod() function that does a "while read a b c d e f 
> ... do ... done", and I can pipe ls -lR into that so I only run ls once, 
> and the while loop gets both perms and filename in one shot and can simply 
> compare values with no need to execute any processes inside the loop 99% of 
> the time.

With all of the new users coming online I always worry about spaces
and other non-traditional characters in filenames.  The old time users
never do this.  But the new folks do and the filesystem supports it.
Using null terminated strings when possible avoids most trouble.


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