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[Axiom-mail] Aldor compatibility

From: Zork
Subject: [Axiom-mail] Aldor compatibility
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2004 18:46:57 -0700 (PDT)

Hi people,

I have been reading Aldor recently, which I find very nice, and as a
first project I was happily planning to wrap up some numerical and
graphical code into aldor (since aldor lacks these),  but I was
recently pointed to axiom, and now have some questions:

1.  What is the extent of compatibility between aldor 1.0.2 as posted
in and cvs axiom?  Does the current version of aldor
always generate code that runs in cvs version of axiom?  If not, maybe
it would be a good idea to post a page with the differences and things
to avoid.

2. If I use aldor's import and export keywords for wrapping C and
fortran code, will it be portable to axiom? Or does axiom have a
separate ffi?

3.  I know some C, f77 and Scilab but no Octave.  I see that one of the
to-do things is translating octave's numerical code into aldor; which
kind of routines are missing from aldor and have higher priority?

Maybe I can make my work compatible with axiom, bye bye,


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