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[Axiom-mail] mathaction

From: Martin Rubey
Subject: [Axiom-mail] mathaction
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 11:36:43 +0000

I was just browsing and I'd like to make a few
suggestions -- apart from repeating that I find it just great!

* I like a *lot*
  better than

  I find it easier to read and use, better structured and
  simpler-looking. Since it seems that there are things on zope/Plone which are
  not on zope/mathaction, I suggest that you move those things worth moving to
  mathaction and make mathaction/FrontPage the principal page, which really
  should become axioms main homepage, I think.

  [This part I cannot do]

  In the same spirit, the links to the mailing lists and to savannah should be
  added to mathaction/FrontPage and the page should be tidied up a little.

  [I can do this, if somebody tells me: go ahead]

* The table of contents needs cleaning up. I suggest:

  - mathaction/AxiomAlgebra should contain (as subpage) the various layers as
    it does now

  [I can do this, if somebody tells me: go ahead]

  - each layer should contain the docs for the types it provides. (as layer0
    contains attreg and dhmatrix now)

  [I can do this, if somebody tells me: go ahead]

  - it would be great if these pages would be *identical* to the pamphlet
    files. It should be possible, shouldn't it? Maybe you could make a new
    style called "pamphlet", which produces LaTeX in the background using the
    "document" command and then applies "latex2html"? This way, we could move
    the complete src/algebra directory at once into the wiki!

    I believe that this would considerably speed up the transition to
    documented code!!!

  [This part I cannot do, but this would be number one priority]

Well, that should be enough for the moment.

thanks again,


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