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RE: [Axiom-mail] mathaction

From: Bill Page
Subject: RE: [Axiom-mail] mathaction
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 16:52:32 -0400

On Thursday, September 09, 2004 2:28 PM Bob McElrath wrote:
> I do not think there is any advantage in maintaining both a
> plone and non-plone wiki.  It confuses users.  On the other
> hand, it should be possible to copy or link wiki pages from
> one folder to another...

Of course it is possible to copy wiki pages from one folder
to another *within Plone* where folders appear as just another
type of object. But wiki users within a pure wiki environment
do not set folders, not even the Zope folders that appear at
the lower level of the Zope Management Interface.

And one can create links from and to the Plone to MathAction
the way I do now.

> and present both interfaces for one set of pages.

If you mean the stand alone (standard) ZWiki interface and the
Plone interface to ZWiki pages within Plone, then this does not
seem to be possible with the current version of ZWiki even when
both the ZWiki and Plone instances are hosted within the same
Zope instance. Have I missed something?

> In Plone there is often confusion as to where exactly users
> can write latex, axiom, or reduce code (since there are so many
> document/object types).  But Plone is more powerful, if users
> are organized by an effective manager.

I agree and that is both the problem and the advantage of Plone.
To some degree I think that it just that Plone is a more
complex environment and users are not (yet) quite ready for
this more complex environment - they are just now getting used
to the idea of being able to edit web pages through a wiki.
Plone provides many features that probably don't seem relevant
(yet). I say (yet) because I think that perceptions and
expectation of users are likely to change as they gain experience
with this new environment.

> Keeping both interfaces might be useful, but they should not
> have the same content.  Personally, I think a Plone site should
> be managed as a semi-professional face for Axiom.  A wiki can be
> maintained as a place for users to "play", but should not contain
> official documentation.

This statement seems a little contradictory to your first paragraph.
Could you explain a little more.

> As you know, moving documents from one to the other is trivial
> if someone writes something great in the "play" area.

Yes. That seems the right way to go to me.

Bill Page

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