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Re: [Axiom-developer] Which source distributions should we list?

From: Bill Page
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Which source distributions should we list?
Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 00:00:31 -0400
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Quoting Alfredo Portes <address@hidden>:

... The primary question is what is Silver??? Assuming Git == Silver
now, then trunk and silver directories in Sourceforge need to be
removed and create a new trunk with the Git version.

Yes, certainly the directory named "silver" on SourceForge can
be deleted. It is now obsolete following Tim's move to git.
Then wh-sandbox and build-improvements can be merged back
to the trunk in svn when necessary.

I fear that since build-improvements is cloned from the current
trunk and wh-sandbox is cloned from build-improvements, there
might be some considerable loss in "mergibility" if we were to
just "pull the rug out from under them" so as to speak and
wholesale replace trunk with the contents of the current git
repository. Perhaps those more  familiar with the details of
SVN could comment?

Frankly I am not sure at all how we should manage the
integration of the SVN-based repositories with Tim's new
git version of Silver. I was especially disappointed to see
that in the creation of the new git repository Tim has
removed all of the prior revision history. :-(

Anyway as I understand it, right now Tim is manually updating
both the git repository on axiom-developer and the "daly" branch
on SVN in parallel. That does not sound like a particularly
enlightened approach to me. :-( There's got to be a better way,

Having that, then I think we can ask Ben to recreate the repo
from Sourceforge and Bill can put the update script back. If not
then it is better just to remove the project from google, which
currently is very far behind.

You are right that there is some urgency to do this. Unfortunately
I do not know how easy it actually is to really delete things from
the SVN repository at SourceForge. Normally to do so I think
one would require 'svnadmin' access to the site - which I do not
think is available to us except perhaps by special request.
It is the same situation at Google Code, except made more
severe by the size restrictions place on the repositories there.

Bill Page.

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