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Re: [Axiom-developer] Which source distributions should we list?

From: Bill Page
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Which source distributions should we list?
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 23:40:36 -0400
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Quoting C Y <address@hidden>:

... 5. The subversion branches I assume are all still active, or should
the daly branch be removed now that Git is coming online?

Tim is currently mirror his new git-based "Axiom Silver" in the "daly"
SVN branch on SourceForge for those people not motivated to
access the git repository.
Also, is hersen-algebra-improvements still in use?  Does it contain
any work not present in other branches?

As far as I know Anthony Hersen is not longer working on the the
algebra code improvement project. Martin, do you know for sure?

6.  Darcs and Mercurial obviously will stay.  (I hadn't noticed the
Dspace work - is that an actual Dspace mirror or code for working
with it?)

The DSpace repository is a direct mirror of the DSpace project
CVS repository up to the time that they moved to SVN at about
release 1.4. Currently I did not check-in any modifications with
which I have been experimenting. Originally I had in mind that
it might be of some use to create a document repository for Axiom
reference material. But so far I think the 'references' section that
we have on the Axiom portal (plone) site is sufficient - especially
when taken together with the bibliography. I am also working on
DSpace in another project completely unrelated to Axiom, so
I do have some experience with it.

I know "BeBold" is the policy but on a page that reflects project
wide direction information like this I want to be sure I have the
state of things correct before I (say) delete all the old arch

Go ahead, be bold. It necessary we can always revert or bring
forward old material from the history maintained in the Zope
database (currently the revision history is maintained for at
least one month).
Adding the Git references and instructions is obvious, but I also
feel this page should only point the readers to the active branches,
perhaps with links in an Archive section to no-longer-actively-
developed branches that have improvements not folded back in.

Feel free to create a "Development Archive" page of you wish.
 Because this is a "representative" page of the Axiom project,
I would like to get feedback on what is needed.

Thanks, Cliff.
Bill Page.

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