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Re: [Axiom-developer] openpty patch again

From: Gabriel Dos Reis
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] openpty patch again
Date: 01 Dec 2006 01:36:15 +0100

address@hidden writes:

| I'm resubmitting a shorter version of a 300K patch I sent this
| morning.

I did not receive that patch...

| This time I generated the patch without the diffs for configure
| and a couple of files. I guess my version of configure is
| different from Gaby's, it basically changed every line in configure.

I'm using Autoconf 2.59; what is yours?

| I think I got a working build of axiom on Mac OS X 10.4 again.


| untar this somewhere, then point AXIOM at the
| target/powerpc-apple-darwin8.8.0 directory:
| $ tar zxf axiom-macos-ppc-20061130.tar.gz
| $ export AXIOM=`pwd`/target/powerpc-apple-darwin8.8.0
| $ axiom
| Success!
| This was built from the svk mirror:
| $ svk info
| Checkout Path: /Users/humberto/src/axiom/build-improvements
| Depot Path: /mirror/axiom/branches/build-improvements
| Revision: 328
| Last Changed Rev.: 327
| Mirrored From:, Rev. 327
| Copied From: /axiom/trunk/axiom, Rev. 32
| Merged From: /axiom/trunk/axiom, Rev. 32
| that I checked out on Tuesday. That revision builds on Mac OS X, but
| axiom won't work because sman and clef build without working pty support
| (AXIOMsys does work).
| I reworked Waldek's better pty patch to work with the new
| config/axiom-c-macro.h file, and to check for the proper include file
| for openpty, at least on Mac and linux. I don't know if ptys work on MS
| Windows.

I don't think they, but I may be wrong -- I'm not a Windows developer
and I approach this whole stuff with a very engrained unix mind.

In my locat tree, I've divided the C runtime support (libspad.a) into 
five components:

   \item Core runtime support,
   \item interface with the operating system (filesystem, etc.),
   \item communication through sockets,
   \item user-interface through terminals, and
   \item graphics components.

Core runtime support is hash.c and halloc.
interface with OS is anything havind to do with files, directories and
the like.
sockets is sockio-c.c
terminal-based ui is clef and sman
graphics is hyperdoc and, wel, graphics.

In my local tree it is possible to enable each individual component,
so your patch fits nicely.

| The original openpty patch is:
| My version is below.

you would have gotten brownie points if you integrated

| The procedure to build this version of axiom is not too bad. Fink still
| seems to cause problems if the build machinery can see it, so I delete
| it from the path.

we can configure-detect that and set PATH accordingly.

| One caveat is that you need latex, makeindex, and

we can ask configure to return the absolute path so that there would
be no need to symlink from somewhere else.

| maybe tex for the axiom build to succeed, so I install them from fink,
| and link them to /usr/local/bin.
| $ PATH=/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/usr/local/bin
| $ ./configure
| $ make
| The darn build takes like 6 hours on my dual G5 2.5 GHz Mac.


| I have some doubts about the patch, since I'm not really sure how to
| build configure, I'm not certain I did it right.

I very much appreciate your effort and patience with this.

| I don't have commit priviledges on the code base, and I don't want them
| until I'm more familiar with svn/svk, so could someone else please check
| in the patch?

Yes, I would like to work a little bit on it with you.

| Finally, this patch is against revision 326, because svk complains my
| axiom tree isn't local when I try to revise the patch against the
| current build-improvements head. I followed the svk instructions at:
| but svk patch complains:
| $ svk patch --view pty-again
| Target not local nor mirrored, unable to view patch.

>From the top my head, I don't see what that means.  I'll have to go back.


| ===
| ==================================================================
| ---     (revision 326)
| +++     (patch pty-again level 1)
| @@ -676,8 +676,28 @@
|  AC_CHECK_HEADER([regex.h], [], [AC_MSG_ERROR([Axiom needs <regex.h>])])
|  @
| +\subsubsection{openpty}
| +[[clef]] and [[sman]] use ptys to communicate with [[AXIOMsys]]. The
| +existing code in silver doesn't work on MacOS X. We will try to build
| +with the Unix98 standard [[openpty]] function. We need to detect two
| +headers and a library. Linux has openpty defined in [[pty.h]], MacOS X
| +define it in [[util.h]]. FreeBSD is supposed to have a definition in
| +[[libutil.h]].

I like this.

| +<<headers>>=
| +AC_CHECK_HEADERS([pty.h util.h])
| +@
| +
| +On linux the openpty function is in [[libutil]]. We need to add that to
| +the list of libraries, at least for [[sman]] and [[clef]].

It would be good if you could integrate the suggestions here:

In particular, we want to distinguish between the symbol openpty
(HAVE_OPENPTY) and its declaration (HAVE_OPENPTY_DECL).


| === src/lib/openpty.c.pamphlet
| ==================================================================
| --- src/lib/openpty.c.pamphlet        (revision 326)
| +++ src/lib/openpty.c.pamphlet        (patch pty-again level 1)
| @@ -10,17 +10,9 @@
|  \tableofcontents
|  \eject
|  \section{MAC OSX and BSD platform changes}
| -Since we have no other information we are adding the [[MACOSXplatform]] 
| -to the list everywhere we find [[LINUXplatform]]. This may not be correct but
| -we have no way to know yet. We have also added the [[BSDplatform]] variable.
| -MAC OSX is some variant of BSD. These should probably be merged but we
| -cannot yet prove that.
| -<<mac osx platform change 1>>=
| -#if defined(SUN4OS5platform) ||defined(ALPHAplatform) || 
defined(HP10platform) || defined(LINUXplatform) || defined(MACOSXplatform) || 
| -@
| -<<mac osx platform change 2>>=
| -#if defined(SUNplatform) || defined(HP9platform) || defined(LINUXplatform) 
|| defined(MACOSXplatform) || defined(BSDplatform)
| -@
| +We should really use autotools to check for Unix 98 pty support.
| +Before this is done below we hardcode information about each platform.


| +
|  \section{License}
|  <<license>>=
|  /*
| @@ -71,6 +63,11 @@
|  #include <stropts.h>
|  #endif
| +#ifdef HAVE_PTY_H
| +#include <pty.h>
| +#elifdef HAVE_UTIL_H

There is no standard C preprocessor directive #elifdef.  I believe you
wanted to say

    #elif defined(HAVE_UTIL_H)

Again, many thanks for your work and patience with this patch.

-- Gaby

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