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Re: [Axiom-developer] openpty patch again

From: Gabriel Dos Reis
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] openpty patch again
Date: 01 Dec 2006 05:24:50 +0100

Humberto Ortiz-Zuazaga <address@hidden> writes:

| Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
| > You need to create a depotmap; call it whatever you want.  
| > Personally, I have several depots, one of them is /mirror
| > for mirroring several repos of projects I work on (GCC has a distinct
| > dedicated depot). Chose a directory where you want your depot to
| > reside.  It could be ~/.svk
| > 
| >    svk depotmap /mirror ~/.svk
| > 
| > (enter the editor, make whatever change you think is appropriate;
| > save; exit)
| > 
| > Next, you need to mirror axiom repo
| > 
| >    svk mirror /mirror/axiom
| > 
| > Then, you need to synchronize that mirror
| > 
| >    svk sync /mirror/axiom
| > 
| > (that can take a while -- it mirrors the repo on your local disk.
| > Therefore, it is like if you were doing a checkout and SF/SVN would
| > give you headach; your would need to be patient).
| > 
| > /mirror/axiom is now your local repo.  You can check out as
| > 
| >   svk co /mirror/axiom/branches/build-improvements
| No, that won't work, or rather it works to check out the source, but I
| can't svk patch that working directory.


The above is what *I* _use_ to set up a repo directly "connected" to 
the master repo, in particular one for Axiom.

| Those are the instructions I had
| followed from the AxiomSilverBranch page on MathAction.
| The svk help intro page suggests a procedure like:
|     svk mirror
|       First, you'll need to mirror a remote repository. This sets up a
|       local copy of that repository for you to branch from, merge to and
|       otherwise poke at. The local path is sometimes called a "depot path."
|           # This command sets up the mirror directory for your local
|           # mirrors of remote repositories
|           svk mkdir //mirror

This creates a local branch in your default depot, so it effectively
is "deconnected" from the Axiom repo.  Is that what you want?

-- Gaby

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