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Re: [Axiom-developer] ENV

From: Gabriel Dos Reis
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] ENV
Date: 22 Nov 2006 20:34:18 +0100

Waldek Hebisch <address@hidden> writes:


| Ok, so we pick shell ENV when we run make in subdirectories.  Yes, that
| is good reason to change it to something else.  As quck fix we may just
| initialize ENV to empty string (explicit initialization should take
| precedence over enviroment variables), but in long term we want different
| name.


|  I am not sure if MAKEFLAGS is really good for us.  AFAIU make
| assigns magic semantic to this name, which is different that current
| ENV use.  Personally I would change ENV to something like ENV_TO_PASS.

We can do that too.  Though I'm of the opinion that many of the
variables in current ENV are better defined elsewhere.

But frankly, who is afraid of MAKEFLAGS?  MAKEFLAGS does not just
control Make, it serves as a vehicle to communicate values to
sub-makes and sub-processes of Make.

Test this:

    [13:36]% cat Makefile
            echo $(MAKEFLAGS)

    [13:36]% make HELLO=BUDY
    echo HELLO=BUDY

Any variable defined on the Make command line gets put in the
MAKEFLAGS variable.  This does not work if you put the variable
definition before make.  But, that is not too recommended anyway
(however old it is).

-- Gaby

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