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[Axiom-developer] Re: several images on one page

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: several images on one page
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 10:21:44 -0400

> I see book.pamphlet and bookvol1.pamphlet in src/doc. What is what?

book.pamphlet is the Jenks book.
boovol1.pamphlet is Axiom Volume 1, the Tutorial

> Actually, I finde it quite confusing that there are two files that look 
> nearly identical on the first pages and then differ completely.

All 10 planned volumes of the Axiom series will start out with the
same "look and feel". It's what book series like the 'for dummies'
or the O'Rielly series do.

>  From what I read in the Makefile, book.pamphlet is the file you want me 
> to look at.


> I have the original Axiom book on my desk and see (section 7.1.2) two 
> graphics on page 183, but no graphic at all in section 7.1.2 in book.dvi.

Because I couldn't put both graphics on the same page.
That's the problem I mentioned.
No matter what I do the graphics "float" to other pages.
I'm sure it is possible to do (since we did it) but I can make it work.

> Another point is that the original Axiom book is printed with a big 
> margin that sometimes holds explanatory text. Seems that book.pamphlet 
> is not the original source since that text on the top-left of page 183 
> is not tagged as such. Do you still have the original source somewhere?

No. I never got the original latex sources. The book was recreated by me 
by hand from multiple file sources. It took approximately 4 months.

Are you planning to be one the skype conference call?


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