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Re: [Axiom-developer] Fwd: [M#73697383] Re: Disk-quota Request

From: root
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Fwd: [M#73697383] Re: Disk-quota Request
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 23:36:57 -0400

> > mapleok IS an input file. I just took the time to document the
> > expected results so you could tell if you got the right answer.
> > It is partially on the way to automating regression testing.
> Do you really believe that somebody is going to read that file? Even if 
> you documented it? I won't I am not a computed that checks whether the 
> output that appears on my axiom session agrees byte by byte with what is 
> in the .input file. I would have to count at least 100.000 bytes by 
> inspection. I guess even if a computer can make errors. In such a stupid 
> procedure I am far worse.

Automated testing is a long leap to do in one step. Documenting 
the results of the tests is on part of the solution. 

As to the size of the file, why is everyone afraid of large files?
Rregression test files which will certainly get large.

(For my job I needed to regression test the Intel 01 opcode which
requires 23008 lines of assembler to test various combinations.
Regression test files get large.)

> > Testing files are clearly part of the source control pile.
> Right, but output should be checked automatically. And isn't it better 
> to compare the actual Axiom data structures than the OutputForm result?
> > Especially since they are run as part of the source code build.
> Maybe you should look at Christian's AldorUnit. I think it's much better 
> than just inventing a new test environment.

Advocacy is volunteering. 

I have a solution in mind but you're welcome to implement something.
We clearly need automated regression testing.


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