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Re: [Axiom-developer] Fwd: [M#73697383] Re: Disk-quota Request

From: Gabriel Dos Reis
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Fwd: [M#73697383] Re: Disk-quota Request
Date: 14 Sep 2006 23:02:08 +0200

"Alfredo Portes" <address@hidden> writes:

| Tim, Bill, Gaby, Ralf:
| I need some advice:
| This is the response from Google to my request for more space:

How much of the zips directory actually take?  build-improvements says
28M.  The whole thing is 114M.  But we will grow and create more

| You've certainly given us pause for discussion!  500MB or 1GB is a
| *lot* of space, especially for what's supposed to be just source code.

They are kidding.  The mainline of GCC currently is at 331M; the SVK
mirror repo on my disk is at *12G*.  

| We've been scratching our heads, wondering why your project needs so
| much space.
| Your project certainly looks mature and has a healthy community around
| it, and we'd like to see it hosted at Google Code.  However, it also
| looks like there's a lot of extra 'junk' in the repository... for
| example, the zips/ directory contains dozens of releases(?) of the
| same package?  (And even random odd Arch packages, like 'tla'?)
| We'd like people to *not* use Subversion as a package-distribution
| system, but as a source distribution system.  (We're working on
| creating a dedicated 'downloads' feature right now, though!)  At the
| moment, we'd be more comfortable giving you another 100MB of disk
| quota... perhaps you could clean up your repository's history?  Trim
| it down to just necessary source code, and move the release .zips
| somewhere else for a while?

Tell them, we're actively working on reducing zips (the can have a
look at the build-improvements branch).  Furthermore, what
it contains is really necessary for building Axiom for many, common,
target configuration.  And, we cannot move the zips somewhere else.

1G is good for the moment.

Perhaps they think we are not serious?

They certainly will not object to the current 12G of GCC -- Google
invests lot of resources into GCC.

-- Gaby

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