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Re: [Aldor-l] [Axiom-developer] Re: exports and constants

From: Gabriel Dos Reis
Subject: Re: [Aldor-l] [Axiom-developer] Re: exports and constants
Date: 27 Jul 2006 19:39:46 +0200

"Page, Bill" <address@hidden> writes:


| > Unless, you have a way to implement this directly in
| > the compiler. See Template Haskell (in GHC sources) for
| > the kind of thing that is done. 
| > 
| It is very very easy for the compiler to generate self-
| identifying type constants either all the time or as a
| compile-time option. This can even been done in a simple
| pre-compilation step if necessary.

Either we have a very different view of what "Reflection" is, or we
have a very different experience in the use and implementations of
that suff :-)  I don't find Template Haskell implementation "very very
very easy". Here is an overview of Template Haskell

-- Gaby

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