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RE: [Axiom-developer] jsMath

From: Bill Page
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] jsMath
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 08:59:54 -0500

On December 19, 2005 7:05 AM Martin Rubey wrote:
> Tim Daly (root): wrote:
> > We need to develop a jsMath output format for browsers.
> NOOOOO! I couldn't disagree more.
> The idea -- well, at least mine -- is to use jsMath as long 
> as mathml is not widely supported, in order to have nice
> output on browsers, BUT
> not only for Axiom output, but also for the pamphlet/ALLPROSE
> files.
> Thus, Eitan said he would write a jsmath backend for TeX4ht. 
> Then we would be able to display *any* TeX (well, nearly) in
> a browser, and we could also have our own "styles" to, for
> example, have tex4ht split latex sections into individual
> pages, and so on.
> ... 
> (PLEASE correct me if I'm on the wrong track)

I think that is it exactly. We are on the same track!

On MathAction the immediate use would be as a replacement for
the current "thumbnail" image of the first page of the pamphlet
file. This should really be the title page and table of contents
of the pamphlet file. In most cases this would allow us to avoid
the 'pdf', 'dvi' and 'ps' formats except for printing.

Besides support for jsMath, there are also a few extensions
of tex4ht required to support the particular noweb.sty LaTeX
embedded in the pamphlet files by 'noweave'. Eitan has also
said (and I agree) that some of the LaTeX in the current Axiom
pamphlet files is a little crufty and we should not expect
necessarily that all LaTeX constructions processed by the
latex command will necessarily produce valid html. In some
cases we may need to update the LaTeX coding to more modern
standards - something we should be prepared to do anyway.

Bill Page.

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