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[Axiom-developer] this is open source

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] this is open source
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 11:01:12 -0500

there are 22 developers listed with WRITE access to every 
project on write access is available
for the asking.

while i don't expect people to mangle the axiom--main branch
virtually every one can create a branch, make changes, test
them, and post patches. there are 13 publicly listed branches
with almost no commits. and arch allows private branch development.

if people are unhappy with some feature, or some feature is 
missing, or some code rearrangement is suggested then branch
the code, mangle the branch, polish it so it "just works",
document it, diff it (or point us at a polished branch) and
we can discuss the changes on the list. we can download and
test it. and if it works and people like it, we merge it.

i get the impression that people feel this is a single-threaded
effort thru me but MY impression and the reason so many people
have write access is that this is free software and anyone
is free to change what they like. but i do expect professional-quality
changes with the same level of QA work that is put into the rest
of the system (although it isn't apparent because it all happens
behind the scenes). i have 6 machines on my desk and 2 dozen
separate branches locally so i'm kinda swamped getting the basics
like MACOSX working cleanly. some of these projects will take many 
years. so proposing that *I* fix things just adds to the queue.

when people have suggested new platforms like windows or sbcl,
new guis, new algebra, or whatever a new branch is created. i
expect that (a) people will commit to those branches and (b)
people will develop their idea to the level that it "just works"
and (c) people will document their work so it can be understood
and changed by others and (d) people will bring their branch up
to the latest level so other people can test it. this is what
you expect on the main branch.

axiom is free software. design it, hack it, polish it, test it,
document it, and send patches (or arch changesets).  you're allowed to
do anything you want and have no reason to depend on me for anything
(except the final merge step into axiom--main). but we ALL expect
quality work.


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