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Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: This sentence is not a Lie

From: root
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: This sentence is not a Lie
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 19:13:16 -0500

> > > Sorry if we're not pulling our weight Tim 
> > 
> > Was the original post a comment about people not pulling their
> > weight?
> Not really.  I read it (just my interpretation) as Tim being frustrated
> with so many opinions without accompanying code, and I'm certainly
> guilty of that.  So that was me acknowledging that, rather than a
> response directly to his original email.  Like when your teacher
> rebukes the whole class generally but you know you've been doing
> whatever it is everyone's getting rebuked for ;-).

well, it's only my opinion but what i think tim meant was that
you're all appearing to "ask permission" and you don't need to.

this is free code, it isn't "my" code. i don't own it, i don't
(try to) control it, and so complaining to me that something is
"wrong" is like sending me a note that code YOU wrote on your
desktop is wrong... so? fix it.

i realize that i'm standing on the "master copy" but, like the 
linux project, somebody has to organize the chaos. but nobody
asks linus if they can hack device drivers or anything else.
they just do it, show that it works, put out running code,
and then get a whole lot of flak about it. eventually it gets
improved and sent up the chain to get put in the kernel.

i'm not concerned about "pulling weight"... everybody does what
they can, they want to, they have time for... i'm just a bit of
a fanatic about it so i feel pressured to fix broken things.

and i'm certainly not in a position to rebuke anyone. nor do i
feel the need to. rebuking people would arise from the feeling
that i was in a position of power and trying to control everyone.
which i'm not and i'm not.

the bottom line is.... you have a whole CD full of code and a
whole world listening... and an opportunity to change the world.
whatcha gonna do about it?


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