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RE: [Axiom-developer] hyperlinked algebra

From: C Y
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] hyperlinked algebra
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 08:38:20 -0800 (PST)

--- Bill Page <address@hidden> wrote:

> Here is an example of the Axiom "EndPaper" graphic produced by
> GraphViz:

Very impressive!
> You should also take a look at the actual coding of this page
> at

Hmm - I seem to have a problem with my setup - it won't let me see it.

> You will see that it consists of only a list of the nodes and
> edges of the graph like this:
> {AbelianSemiGroup, SemiGroup, OrderedSet, Finite} -> SetCategory;
> AbelianMonoid -> AbelianSemiGroup;
> Rng -> {AbelianGroup, SemiGroup};
> Monoid -> SemiGroup;
> OrderedAbelianSemiGroup -> {OrderedSet, AbelianMonoid};
> ...
> GraphViz does all the work of laying out the graph in a 
> reasonable form for the reader. The result is not so different
> from the actual graphic in the Axiom book.

I like it!

> At the present time GraphViz on MathAction is rendered as 
> postscript and processed by LaTeX as a figure. This allows 
> GraphViz output to appear in pamphlet files. But I think that 
> as a result of the rescaling done by LaTeX and the conversion 
> to png, the quality of the image may not be as good as it 
> could be.

I've had similar troubles in the past.

> This also makes it impossible at present to include 
> hyperlinks in the graph.

I'll see if I can dig around with graphviz on my machine and come up
with something.
> There are probably a few more tweaks that I could make to the
> specification of the graph to improve the readability of the 
> node labels. But it seems to me that this is about as large a 
> graph as might be possible to display on a web page.


> GraphViz can also be used to produce a png file directly. This
> should produce a better quality image and would permit the use
> of an image map for clickable hyperlinks on nodes and edges. To
> do this will require another extension of MathAction to allow a
> new pseudo-enviroment something like this:
> \begin{graphviz}
>   GraphViz commands including hyperlinks
> \end{graphviz}
> When clicking 'Save' this would be processed directly by 
> GraphViz to a png graphic with an associated image map for 
> display on the web page.
> I said earlier that I wanted to stop doing web application
> development and work more on Axiom, but if there is some 
> interest in using GraphViz this way on MathAction, I would be
> willing to add this functionality.

The thought that comes first to me is this would be an excellent option
to have if/when we start including these types of diagrams in pamphlet
files - hyperlinked pdf for pdf, image map png for html.  But I think
that's a bit down the road at present.


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