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[Axiom-developer] RE: Web based bibtex

From: C Y
Subject: [Axiom-developer] RE: Web based bibtex
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 12:46:08 -0700 (PDT)

--- "Page, Bill" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Martin Rubey, who has spent a lot of time helping
> develop the content on, does not
> particularly like the Plone user interface. I agreed that Plone
> is more complex so the primary site for Axiom became the
> site by default. 

I still think the Plone look is more "professional" than the wiki, but
I suppose that could be just a function of what I am accustomed to.  I
guess I just worry a little that people will visit the address, see a page that looks pretty unlike
anything they might be used to, and conclude Axiom is not a serious
project.  I suppose people who would conclude that might not be the
target users for Axiom, granted...

> Plone on the other hand
> might still be more suitable for registered users who want more
> control over the content and structure of their web pages.

I am uneasy about doing any significant work in the Plone environment,
because I have a feeling it might never be part of the "active" Axiom
website (I doubt Plone-Axiom gets many web hits, for example.)  I would
prefer to work in just one environment, perhaps implementing an
alternative bibliography solution in the wiki or some such - maybe this
would be of interest?

I think there needs to be one solution, rather than risk fragmenting
efforts over several wildly different systems, but that's just me.

> > BTY, who can add bibtex entries?  Is it just the site admin?
> No. Any registered user of the Axiom Portal can add bibtex
> entries. They can also create their own private bibliographies
> and other private web content. Later they can make these
> pages selectively visible to other registered users or they
> can "publish" this content so that non-registered users can
> also see it. (Publication requires approval of a user who is
> designated as a 'reviewer'.)

Hmm.  Nifty!  Can a user select a subset of entries to generate a
bibtex file, or is it only one at a time?

> > Clearly there should be come kind of quality standard but
> > I'm not sure how to go about it.
> I think simply requiring people to register is probably
> sufficient to ensure some level of quality. After all, the
> entire site is open and editable by
> anyone, but in spite of that we actually have very little
> spam or other inappropriate content on that site.

That will hold unless/until we gain in popularity.  Then it's anybody's

> > IMHO we should figure out how to make this general and
> > robust from the beginning, because it will be very important
> > to the literate programming effort to have a good structure
> > for references set up.
> I agree.

Another thought is that a "global" bibtex file generated from this
system could provide the foundation bib file for the Axiom codebase,
assuming one can be automatically generated.  Maybe we could even rig
up a way to have the codebase repository updated each time a
bibliography update is committed via web, and have the website updated
every time a new bibtex entry is put into the repository.


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