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[Axiom-developer] HyperDoc special characters and NAG docs

From: Page, Bill
Subject: [Axiom-developer] HyperDoc special characters and NAG docs
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 12:15:44 -0400


Having the hyperdoc pages available in this new format

makes them much more accessible to me. The old Hyperdoc browser
certainly works (on linux at least), so it is surprizing to me
that just changing the format so it can be read in a modern
browser seems to make such a difference. I gusee it just goes
to show that user interface matters! :)

Here's another conversion problem that I noticed. I'll just
send these to you as I notice them...

On page:

the following text seems to be malformed:

The HyperDoc special characters are :<br /><div
<em>Special Characters</em>: <tt>\table{\$</tt>{\\}{\{}{\} 


There is a whole section on the NAG-link library that is not
part of the open source distribution:

This is based on the NAG proprietary library so it is likely
to never be available for free. We discussed a while back
about the possibility of converting this work to a new open
source numerical library -- Hey that would be a great idea
for another Google Summer of Code project ... :)

Anyway, at some point we will have to weed out of the new
hyperdoc pages that do not relate to the current version, or
at least mark them with some color code or something.

Bill Page.

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