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[Axiom-developer] [Summer of Code]

From: TIm Daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [Summer of Code]
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 20:01:12 -0500



<li> Television/DVD presentation<br>

<p> We need to design and script an effective introduction to Axiom
  for new users. The most effective way to do this (at least from the
  new user's point of view) would be a DVD/TV kind of presentation.
  Rather than just a dry presentation of fact we would need to script
  a light, fast-moving presentation similar to the courses by
  <a href="";>Cerebellum</a> on General Chemistry.
  This would require background in areas like video editing, script writing,
  production, direction, etc. and would be ideal for a liberal arts person
  who wanted to explore educational activities. For an online example view
  <a href="";>go-opensource</a>. If done carefully
  it could be coordinated with <a href="";>MIT</a>.
  MIT's Open Courseware Site has their Mathematics online and some courses,
  notably Gilbert Strang's Linear Algebra (18.06) has a complete 
  video lecture</a> online.


<li> Simulation integration<br>

<p> There is a bridge simulation game called Pontefex (now called
  Bridge Builder, I believe) by <a 
  ChronicLogic</a>. Bridges are constructed from beams. Beams can be modeled
  by two matrices, one at each end. Forces can be vectors and can be 
  applied and resolved into forces of compression or tension, twisting
  or bending. All of these can be written using Axiom. So the idea is to
  combine the Bridge Builder program with Axiom in order to be able to 
  model the forces on a bridge and try to accurately predict where the
  bridge will fail prior to running the simulation. 

<p> This would combine Axiom with a commercial product to better illustrate
  the power available. It would require contacting the company, negotiating
  the deal, and leading a project to integrate the two pieces of software in
  effective ways. Overall, a very big, long term project.

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