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RE: [Axiom-developer] build issue?

From: Page, Bill
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] build issue?
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 05:52:48 -0500


On Thursday, February 17, 2005 10:32 AM you wrote:
> in src/etc/Makefile, in the <<dbcomplete>> chunk there is a
> prerequisite of:
> ${INT}/algebra/*.NRLIB/code.o
> but there is no stanza to address this rule.

That is normal.

The *.NRLIB/code.o files are intermediate files that are
actually created by the src/algebra/Makefile. Since they
are intermediate, as far as src/algebra/Makefile is
concerned, they are not needed unless some target that
explicitly depends on them, e.g. the ${OUT}/%.o files,
needs to be rebuilt.

The rule in src/etc/Makefile

  ${MNT}/${SYS}/algebra/*.daase: ${INT}/algebra/*.NRLIB/code.o

is a "wildcard" rule which says that the *.daase files
depend on all of the *.NRLIB/code.o files that exist at
the time the sub-make is run (i.e. those that were previously
created by the src/algebra/Makefile). The databases will
be re-built if any of these files have dates later than
the database files.

> This only shows up if you remove the code.o files. 

It does not really make sense to delete only the code.o
files. That is like saying that these are no longer needed
to build the daase files.

You could delete *both* the ${OUT}/%.o files as well as
the code.o files. That will trigger all of them to be
re-build in src/algebra/Makefile. Or alternatively if your
goal is just to re-build the code.o files then

  touch int/algebra/*.spad

should work even better.
> This is somehow related to the generic rule effort but
> I don't see how to resolve it.

Yes. More specifically it is related to the use of implicit
rules which are treated in a subtly different way than explicit
rules when it comes to intermediate files. The code.o files
are not re-created unless some explicit rule calls for them.
Deleting the ${OUT}/%.o files before running make will cause
the code.o files to be created.

If deleting both the ${OUT}/%.o files and the code.o files or
using 'touch int/algebra/*.spad' does not seem satisfactory
to you, then we should move <<dbcomplete>> back to the
src/algebra/Makefile and replace the simple wildcard rule
with an explicit list of code.o files built from the
${SPADFILES} list by patterns substitutions - the way you
do it in the src/interp/Makefile. It would be something like

${OUT}/*.daase: \

Probably the internal $ in the patterns have to be escaped
with \$ . I know you never liked the idea of moving
<<dbcomplete>> from algebra to etc anyway. :)

If you want, I can experiment with this change in my next
patch to axiom--windows--1.

> To trigger the problem remove the code.o files and
> type make.

Can you try deleting the ${OUT}/%.o files and the code.o
files and see if that does what you want?

In my fixedPoint script this problem does not happen
because I use

  touch int/algebra/*.spad

If your goal is to cause the code.o files to be re-built
using the optimization information in the NRLIBS from a
previous build, then I think this should also work for

Bill Page.

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