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[Axiom-developer] rebuilding the database

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] rebuilding the database
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 21:24:22 -0400


I have a question about the proper procedure for
rebuilding the AXIOM database.

In the current src/algebra/Makefile.pamphlet there are
two stanza's with targe db: One is in some "old code"
chuck named <<original Makefile>> which I guess is no
longer used.

db: ${CENTER}
        @ echo rebuilding databases...
        @ cp -p ${SRC}/doc/gloss.text ${LIB}
        @ cp -p ${SRC}/doc/ ${MID}
        @ echo rebuilding daase files
        @ (cd ${MID} ; \
           echo ')set out le 200' >/tmp/tmp.input ; \
           echo ')fin' >>/tmp/tmp.input ; \
           echo '(make-databases "" (QUOTE ("unix")))' >>/tmp/tmp.input
; \
           echo '(bye)' >>/tmp/tmp.input ; \
           cat /tmp/tmp.input | ${INTERPSYS} ; \
           rm -f /tmp/tmp.input )
        @ echo If all went well, go-ahead Mike and do a db-install as
well !

The other is the apparently new code which does get

        @ echo rebuilding databases...
        @ cp ${SRC}/doc/gloss.text ${MID}
        @ cp ${SRC}/doc/gloss.text ${OUT}
        @ cp ${SRC}/doc/ ${MID}
        @ cp ${SRC}/doc/ ${OUT}
        @ (cd ${MID} ; echo ')lisp (make-databases "" nil)' |
        @ cp ${MID}/*.daase ${OUT}


1) Are the differences in the make-databases options

2) The new version of db: puts just the *.daase files
  into the mnt directory ${OUT}, but this is not (at least
  not usually, I think) where AXIOM looks for the databases
  files. I guess we are missing the install/promote steps
  in the new Makefile.

  When I tried to update the database yesterday, what I
  did was just to copy these .daase files from ${OUT} into
  src/share/algebra. Is that correct? I wondering if the
  database files now in the CVS are complete and self

3) The original makefile has the stanza

#  Now move everything to int/lib/unix
        @ echo moving ${MID}/unix/compress.daase to ${CENTER}/
        @ mv ${MID}/unix/compress.daase ${CENTER}/
        @ echo moving ${MID}/unix/interp.daase to ${CENTER}/
        @ mv ${MID}/unix/interp.daase ${CENTER}/
        @ echo moving ${MID}/unix/browse.daase to ${CENTER}/
        @ mv ${MID}/unix/browse.daase ${CENTER}/
        @ echo moving ${MID}/unix/category.daase to ${CENTER}/
        @ mv ${MID}/unix/category.daase ${CENTER}/
        @ echo moving ${MID}/unix/operation.daase to ${CENTER}/
        @ mv ${MID}/unix/operation.daase ${CENTER}/
        @ echo moving ${MID}/unix/USERS.DAASE to ${CENTER}
        @ rm -rf ${CENTER}/USERS.DAASE
        @ mv ${MID}/unix/USERS.DAASE ${CENTER}
        @ echo moving ${MID}/unix/DEPENDENTS.DAASE to ${CENTER}
        @ mv ${MID}/unix/DEPENDENTS.DAASE ${CENTER}
        @ echo moving ${MID}/unix/libdb.text to ${CENTER}
        @ mv ${MID}/unix/libdb.text ${CENTER}
        @ echo moving ${MID}/unix/comdb.text to ${CENTER}
        @ mv ${MID}/unix/comdb.text ${CENTER}
        @ echo Now you need to promote the databases \(make
        @ echo Then remake and promote the *.img files
#       @ echo rebuilding interpsys with the new database
#       @ touch ${OBJ}/${SYS}/interp/
#       @ (cd ${SPD} ; ${MAKE} PART=interp)


4) I notice that not only are the .daase files installed
but also the directories USERS.DAASE and DEPENDENTS.DAASE.
Since your new db: stanze did not copy these to ${OUT},
I did not copy them to share/algebra when. Are they needed?

5) Are any of the other non *.daase files needed? E.g.
the .text files?

6) There does not seem to be any "promote" stanza in
either the old or new make files but I notice that there
is a final step to re-build interpsys with the new
database. Is this necessary or just an optional check?

Bill Page.

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